Our Testimonials

Alexa Feil & Yogi

One day this past winter, my cat Yogi became very ill. I've had him for 9 years and got him as an adult stray cat. Yogi would get sick every other month or so to the point where I thought it was time to put him down. This last time though was definitely the worst. He could barely walk and cried out in pain every time I touched him. He even tried biting me when I picked him up, which he had never done before. I took him to his regular vet for x-rays and bloodwork. Those came back unremarkable and I was just sent home with pain medication to see if that helped. I planned to have him euthanized in a day or two if things did not improve. That is when Dr. Massicotte recommended trying acupuncture. I knew she was a great veterinarian, but I've never had any experience or seen acupuncture done, but I obviously wanted to try anything to keep Yogi around longer. I went to see her for the treatment and was surprised at how calm Yogi was the whole time. He just laid there while she put the little needles all over his body and he didn't even seem to notice, he even almost fell asleep! She suggested different things for me to try and what she suspected was wrong with him. The experience was so interesting and easy. She definitely knew exactly what she was doing. When I got home, I thought I was just being too hopeful since he immediately seemed more like his old self. But probably 2-3 days after the acupuncture, he was completely back to normal. I've continued the diet that she recommended and he has had NO bought of sickness like he normally had in the past. He has more energy and just seems happier. I can't thank her enough for giving me these past 6 months with him, and more to come. My young kids and I have so many more memories with him because of her and her wanting to help me try to fix him instead of just letting him go. She really cares about your pets as if it was her own and is very knowledgeable in so many areas. I would recommend her to anyone!


Jeanie Horsley & Tootsie

I have had the privilege of taking my little Tootsie to Dr. Massicotte to receive Acupuncture treatments. She was losing her hair, was very itchy, her skin was really pink and she was not eating well. We tried everything and had all kinds of testing done. Everything came back clear. When Dr. Massicotte told me she was trained in Acupuncture, I wanted her to do this on my little Tootsie. I am a holistic person anyway, so this was perfect and I knew Acupuncture works. Sure enough, after the very first session, it calmed my Tootsie girl down, and she started eating better. Tootsie was given a few treatments. There were channels that were blocked and Acupuncture opened them up again. Her hair has grown back and she has been a great eater. She also is allergic to chicken, and grains. These treatments that were given has made a world of difference in my little dog. Thank you Dr. Massicotte for your knowledge, intuition and especially your love for my little girl!! You are an amazing veterinarian!

Nancy Farmer & Ozzie

I adopted a juvenile male Jackson Chameleon (Ozzie) from a retail store. The chameleon had a severe swollen right front leg. The veterinarians on site had been administering oral medications to try to reduce the swelling. The medications would help for a short bit, but then the swelling would start up again. It swelled so much that poor Ozzie could not use that leg to walk on his ropes. He would hold that leg off to the side while trying to scoot along. I finally had the site lanced, drained and cleaned, which helped for a few months, but then the swelling returned. At this point, I even considered leg amputation. I knew Dr. Massicotte was trained in acupuncture and she asked if she could try this method on Ozzie to see if he would respond to treatment before opting for a drastic measure like an amputation. It was so interesting to watch as Dr. Massicotte administered those tiny needles while trying to hide them from Ozzie. He was a trooper and we managed to get quite a few needles in place and keep them there for a while. He responded really well and his leg swelling went down considerably. We administered one more treatment and I am so happy to say that Ozzie has had no swelling at all! He is completely healed. I have had him now for almost 3 years and he is a beautiful specimen. Through this experience, Ozzie really learned to trust my handling and I am so thankful that Dr. Massicotte used her acupuncture techniques to save Ozzie’s life!

Jennifer D.

Dr. Massicotte is super knowledgable, kind and really has a heart for her patients. I brought my Sharpei/Pitbull mix (5 yrs old) into her for some hip/knee issues. He’d had double ACL surgeries on his back knees about a year and a half ago and had healed up from that but had started limping and stopped using one of his back legs, more recently. It was determined that the primary issue causing his current situation was related to his hip, and that the knee may be causing some secondary issues.Dr. M showed that she really understood all the variables involved and after 3 sessions my pup showed significant improvement! He had begun to use it more often than not, and now that we’re 4 sessions in I would have to say that he is just continuing to improve. His leg had atrophied from his lack of use, but he’s starting to regain musculature and is SOOO much happier now that he’s able to get around better!!! Thank you, Dr. M!

Eileen S.

Thank you for being such an important part of helping Chico heal. His cruciate ligament was completely torn. He couldn’t even step on that leg at all. We were expecting that it would take at least 6 months to heal without surgery. Your treatment was really miraculous. He was completely healed in 3 months. Also, all the advice you gave us for him in regard to his medications and also in recommending a diet for our stone-producing other dog. We appreciate all your help and expertise and highly recommend you.